Blackout Kingdom Playing Cards. Poor and wealthy together against a mysterious force


Gambler’s Warehouse is a huge place for card fans and with a large experience in the playing cards industry. Bicycle Blackout Kingdom is the third project they launch through Kickstarter although they have created and produced other cool decks along last months.

The inspiration for the design is a story, a legend, about the alliance between rich and poor people against a mysterious force to save their kingdom. The deck contains the essence of a story like this, with dark cards, basically black and white and with customized court cards showing blind royal characters under the influence of that mysterious force.



The cards are strong and eerie trying to transmit the atmosphere of the story behind the deck. There will be two editions, the Bicycle branded deck printed by the USPCC and with silver foil on tuck case and the limited unbranded deck, a 1,500 print run with a sideways and gold foil tuck case. The information in the campaign doesn’t mention the limited deck printer but being linen finish and sideways tuck, it will probably be printed by the EPCC or LPCC.

Two decks, two finishes, two colors and two printers. That’s great for those card fans, magicians, cardists, collectors and even creators interested on comparing both options.

The campaign is almost funded so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!