Colonial Unrest Bicycle Playing Cards. The last deck of the trylogy


Robert Tomlinson designed a series dedicated to war conflicts from the United States Point of view. He already successfully funded the first and the second ones, Civil Unrest and Global Unrest, dedicated to civil and world wars. Each one had its own style and editions. He has recently launched the third and last of the series: Colonial Unrest.



This last edition is inspired on the born of a new nation, the historic moment for the search of the US freedom. For this special theme, Robert has made a very special design, with 52 portraits of men and women relevant in the conflict. handy illustrated, the deck has an old and elegant style, and even for the tuck case he has chosen the old style of the Bicycle Expert Back logo in the front.



As said before, all the cards have been customized with portraits, including the number cards, as the court cards were not enough space for such a big number of celebrities related to the epic moment. The jokers form together a hand drawn image of the well known Boston Tea Party scene, a political protest that became into the seed of American Revolutionary War.



There will be two editions of this deck, both printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded, with the same cards but different tuck cases: the Standard Edition and the Limited Edition that will be available only in Kickstarter and will come wrapped in paper and sealed with a tax stamp.



The campaign is almost funded so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!