VINTAGE CHICKEN NUGGETS decks. Old and glutton playing cards

Among the decks from Las Vegas casinos, the 1970’s Jerry’s Nugget decks stand out for their history and the interest many collectors and fans have shown over the past few years. The paper and varnish used to make these decks have caused, after several decades, what was a simple casino souvenir, has become an absolutely exclusive item with a price of several hundred dollars.



This popularity led Hanson Chien Production Co. to launch in 2012 a fun parody of the classic deck called Chicken Nuggets. The Chicken Nuggets campaign was an overwhelming success and the decks are almost sold out.

However, Hanson made an interesting discovery. Since the Casino opened in 1964 and the popular decks date back to 1970, there must be some other previous deck … and he found it. The oldest edition of the Jerry’s Nugget was printed by Arrco Playing Card Company, acquired by the USPCC in 1987. Hanson also got a copy of the original deck and after certifying its authenticity he thought about making a new parody inspired by that finding: VINTAGE CHICKEN NUGGETS.



All the details in this production have been taken care of and to recreate its magnificent touch, a special paper, called Vintage stock, has been developed specifically for these decks. This paper is thinner and its handling will delight cardists and magicians.



The card designs have that traditional base with a retro touch of the old casino decks and some fun and greedy court cards.



This is a very special campaign in which two editions in blue and green colors are offered. In addition, as stretch goals, four more special editions have been created (black, sky blue, dark red and foiled green) as well as collector’s sets and big boxes.



During the first week, prices are offered with interesting discounts of up to 50% of the sale price so, if you want to get them, visit the project page and make your contribution.

Good luck!