RESILIENCE ELEGANCE Playing Cards. The classic etiquette

After releasing his Resilience MOD deck with an interesting marking system, Alberto Ruano has just launched his new project: ELEGANCE.

True to his elegant style, this tireless Spanish magician, passionate about the classics, wanted to offer a new edition, with the distinction of its predecessor but with a more functional focus.

Elegance is, therefore, an update of the classic deck, from the eyes of a magician. A deck for daily use, which respects the structure of traditional playing cards, but customizing them through the simplification of the design and the color scheme.



In order to be able to combine both editions, this new version keeps the ornate ace of spades and the jokers with Venetian-inspired masks, as well as the stylized numbered cards.



A classic and geometric design has been chosen for the back, reminiscent of casino cards, in the green color that dominates the entire deck.



The tuck box has been carefully designed and will be embossed and foiled. A touch of class and elegance.



The USPCC will print the cards on Bicycle stock and air cushion finish in a limited print run of a minimum of 1000 decks.

If you want it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!