BICYCLE RETRO ROCKET Playing Cards. A nostalgic look at space travel

Continuing with their monthly releases, Penguin Magic friends present their new own production: BICYCLE RETRO ROCKER.

Drawings by Douglas Fuchs illustrate these cards inspired by space travel and man’s desire to colonize the universe. The designs are simple and cartoonish, with monochrome color schemes and soft shapes to give the whole a very effective retro touch.

The court cards show the conquerors of space, dressed in their space suits and helmets. and using the same colors as their own deck suits. As in most of the Penguin releases, despite the great customization in the cards, the use of white backgrounds and very clean designs on the faces facilitates their playability and identification.



The rockets are the protagonists of a symmetrical back full of space elements and white bordered.



Jokers also depict two different rockets perfect for some magic effects.



The tuck box shows a big ace of spades in the front and the card back in the back closed with a cool retro-style perforated seal.



A limited print-run of 2500 decks has been printed by the USPCC on its Elite Thin-Crushed stock and Magic finish using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC certified paper sourced from sustainable forests. The deck also includes 2 gaffed cards for magical effects (double backer and blank face).

The deck is available in Penguin Magic. Take advantage because it has a 25% discount on the official price for only 3 days. In addition, you can get more items from their stock as they offer free shipping for certain purchase amounts.

Good luck!