Polaris decks. The new creation of David Goldklang. THREE decks available


A few months ago I talked about the revolutionary Vända deck and interviewed its creator, David Goldklang.

David surprises us with a new and exciting project: Polaris. Three decks, Solar, Lunar and Eclipse, and a lot of nice add-ons.

Main features of the decks are:

  • USPCC printed on Bicycle stock with magic finish
  • Completely custom design with modern woodcut-style illustrations
  • Solar, Lunar and a NEW ECLIPSE Editions
  • Borderless back design (amazing looking fans)
  • 4-color deck makes it easy to identify suits in poker, bridge, and other card games
  • 4-corner indexes enable you to fan the cards with either hand

The project at Kickstarter will be available from 6pm PST on 27 December (28 3AM in Spain).

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I have prepared a complete gallery of images.



You can also enjoy a funny promotional video with a lot of info and images of all the stuff.