New deck from Elite cards: Bicycle Divine. Fibonacci and Monal Lisa will play poker together


Elite playing cards, creators of the Ritual deck, launches the Bicycle Divine deck on Kickstarter.



According the creators words, the Divine deck was inspired by a trip to the Louvre in Paris some months ago. They were particularly fascinated with all the buzz around the Mona Lisa, so they decided to investigate further what’s the mystery around her. And because of that all new world opened in front of them. The Fibonnaci sequence is virtually *everywhere*. It seems that the creator wanted to leave a clue, a message… It’s almost like he wants to be found. This plot became their obsession for the past months, and they believe that even though this deck can’t speak, he will tell others so much…



A fully customized deck with these features:

  • Limited Edition Finely Crafted Playing Cards
  • Quality Bicycle stock
  • Adorned with Refined Metallic inks
  • 56 Elegantly Ornamented Cards
  • Secret “code of life reveal” hidden in the deck
  • 100% custom art from faces to pips
  • Unique gaff card with multiple uses
  • Each card wrapped in an ultra slim performance coating
  • Limited Edition with 1 time printing only


It is, in my opinion, a stunning deck, and it is a Bicycle deck, so I cannot ask for more.



I sincerely wish good luck to Elite guys. I am sure they will make a fantastic deck.