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21 December

Bicycle Collectors Playing Cards. The deck for collectors… or for any other card fan

  My friends at Elite playing cards are not new in this business. In fact, they have become a synonymous of elegance in playing cards. All their previous decks are nice and bold, and now they present a new example of their fantastic art design: Collectors Bicycle Playing Cards. In this deck, they have combined a bold and intricate design with amazing materials. Each design has been carefully hand drawn, from pips to court cards, giving as result a unique set…

19 March

Bicycle Excellence deck. French refinement made in the USA

  My friends from Elite playing cards have released their last creation: Bicycle Excelence deck. Elite Playing Cards have found the perfect combination between style, luxury and design offering really nice and elegant playing cards. Although following a common line, each new deck is an allegory to the refinement and quality. Their creations, Ritual, Divine, Majestic, Platinum, and the Premium collection decks, Gold and One Million, have become a reference among players, magicians and collectors. This is a limited edition…

04 January

Bicycle One Million Playing Cards. Second deck of the “Premium Collection” by Elite

    Elite playing cards has released a new deck: One Million Bicycle Playing Cards. This is a limited edition of the second deck on their “Premium collection” series (the first one was the Bicycle Gold edition I talked about some weeks ago). As in most of their releases, this is an elegant and luxurious design full of details and harmony. Designed for collectors and professionals, the faces have been made with beautiful and soft curves using red and gold….

30 October

Gold Bicycle deck by Elite. Playing cards with many carats

  After a long list of releases, Elite playing cards strikes back with a really exclusive deck: Bicycle Gold. This is the first in a series of two decks that Elite has labeled “Premium Collection“. On this occasion, Elite has combined a quite refined and elegant design with unique materials and features never used in previous decks. It is a deck created thinking of the collector, with features like deep gold metallic inks, custom seal or highly reflective gold foil…

13 August

Bicycle Evolution deck. Cards in a time capsule

  Elite playing cards cannot stop designing cool decks. After the successful  Ritual, Divine, Majestic and Platinum, they have completely moved from their elegant and classic style towards a futuristic atmosphere with their new Evolution Bicycle deck. The deck is like a time capsule, made in intense red and blue, with shines and sparkles, where the court cards are inside their own evolution cabins. It is a cool deck with some incredible surprises as stretch funding goals that include metallic inks, tuck…

22 June

New deck by Elite playing cards: Bicycle Platinum. Liquid metal

  Elite playing cards crew have decided not to give a single break to their fans. Just a few days after the successfully completed Majestic Bicycle deck campaign, they launch their latest creation: the Platinum Bicycle deck. In the same line of elegance of his previous creations, this deck has a very shiny metallic aspect, with completely customized cards. Main features of the deck: Printed with Deep Metallic Inks Quality Bicycle® stock 100% custom and original art in all 56…

21 April

Majestic Bicycle Deck. It seems like yesterday and it’s been 128 years

  Elite playing cards has become in a byword for style and elegance. Their Ritual and Divine decks are clear examples. Now, they release the Majestic Bicycle deck. This is an official collaboration between Elite and the US Playing Card Company for the 128 Years of Bicycle. They have a special agreement to release this deck.     Main features of the deck: Special Commemorative deck Premium box made of Black Vellum Paper and Gold Foil Printed with Deep Gold…

10 January

New deck from Elite cards: Bicycle Divine. Fibonacci and Monal Lisa will play poker together

  Elite playing cards, creators of the Ritual deck, launches the Bicycle Divine deck on Kickstarter.     According the creators words, the Divine deck was inspired by a trip to the Louvre in Paris some months ago. They were particularly fascinated with all the buzz around the Mona Lisa, so they decided to investigate further what’s the mystery around her. And because of that all new world opened in front of them. The Fibonnaci sequence is virtually *everywhere*. It…

28 September

Ritual deck: luxury playing cards

  A new deck appears on Kickstarter to satisfy the most luxurious needs of players, magicians, manipulators and collectors. The Ritual deck by Elite Playing Cards. The deck is inspired in the ancient cultures where rituals originated magic as we know it. The circle in the center of the design is actually a model of the famous Mayan calendar that everyone speaks about. This deck has attracted the attention of CBS, and the creators were invited to be in a morning…