The new digital era of ASESCOIN. A universe of playing cards just a click away

The wait is over. After years of effort, ASESCOIN, the Spanish Association of Playing Card Collecting and Research, finally has its own well-deserved corner in the vast digital network. This website is not just a collection of pages; it is a showcase for the passion, history, and community surrounding playing cards.

ASESCOIN is the only association in Spain that brings together collectors and scholars of playing cards. Founded in late 1988, it is committed to promoting research and dissemination of playing cards at the national and international levels. The association annually publishes the “La Sota” magazine, featuring historical research articles and news from the world of playing cards, including the latest developments. Additionally, every year, it publishes a special, numbered deck, which is distributed along with the magazine to members during the annual assembly.



As a member for several years now, I have had the opportunity to design the new Asescoin website, conceived with the aim of being accessible to all, with a modern design adaptable to all devices. Furthermore, it can be explored in multiple languages, so that all playing card enthusiasts, regardless of their background, can feel welcome and find relevant and exciting content on the platform.

This new website will be ASESCOIN’s showcase, where any playing card enthusiast (or just curious individual) can find content related to the rich history and ongoing innovation of playing cards. From informative articles and news about its activities to research and educational articles to bring their passion closer to any reader.

All the publishing work that ASESCOIN has carried out since its formation in 1989 is described in the Publications section, with indexes of all La Sota magazines and images of the decks and some of their cards. This will serve not only for enthusiasts to know about their publications but also to acquire them in their store at really interesting prices.



Furthermore, the website provides multiple spaces and opportunities for any visitor to request more information and join as a member. Becoming a member of ASESCOIN opens the door to a universe of knowledge, where the passion for playing cards comes together in a diverse community, and also gaining multiple benefits, from accessing exclusive content to participating in events and enjoying special discounts on our publications.

Of course, its presence on social media has also been boosted so that you can stay connected with ASESCOIN anywhere. It’s a good time to incorporate ASESCOIN into your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, where they will share interesting content, news about their activities, and much more.

I invite you to subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed about all ASESCOIN’s news, events, and exclusive promotions. This new website is just the first step in the commitment to making ASESCOIN an even better place for all playing card lovers.

Welcome to the new digital era of ASESCOIN!