Origins deck. Tradition and modernity in cards with great aesthetic force


Rick Davidson is a designer and illustrator based in New Zealand. He has always had a love for the beautiful detail in card art, an art collection you can carry in your pocket. He has a strong interest on art through the ages and for that reason he has always dreamed about producing a high detail deck using today’s tools and inspired by the ornate original art of history. The dream’s name is the Origins deck.



The Origins deck is inspired by the beautiful cards of the 16th century, focusing on the patterns of Rouen, France. These cards are considered the main inspiration for our modern day cards, but have been copied and altered over time and evolved from ornate art into the geometric designs we see today.



The Origins deck returns to the originals to produce a new premium deck, merging the detail of the 16th century originals with today’s modern standards. The goal is to produce a high quality deck that card enthusiasts will treasure.



Rick wants to produce a deck of the very highest quality so he plans to find a community in love with this project to fund the production of this deck. Having a look to the designs I am sure he will find those lovers.



I will keep you informed about the progress of this project. In the meanwhile, enjoy the fantastic art of this deck and the promotional video.



Good luck!



[vimeo 70568941]