Portraits of the Zombie Apocalypse Deck. Remember when you were alive


If you were a zombie in love for playing cards, you would like to be depicted in your own deck of cards and remember what you used to be like before the transformation. That’s the idea behind the Portraits of the Zombie Apocalypse deck.



Andrew and Ken are Classy Horse Industries, and this is their very first playing cards project. Inspired on photographs of postmortem portraits in the Victorian age, the deck mixes the traditional concept of a deck of cards with a customized zombie theme where each court card represents the before and after of the zombie apocalypse for ordinary people.



If you are a backer and can afford it, you can also take part of those “royal zombies”, as some of the pledged levels include to be immortalized in one of the 14 portrait cards.



This completely customized deck will be printed, if funded, by the USPCC so even if you cannot afford to be depicted on the deck, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge to get one or more of these cool decks.

Good luck!