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09 May

Gothique Playing Cards. Light and Darkness of French Gothic

  Warpunk Games created Zombie black and white decks and the fantastic Max La Pala card ;)… but before the zombies, there was a fantastic version of Gotique style cards that were never printed. Now, Brian Lee strikes back with his original nice designs but reinterpreted in two new decks: Gothique Lumières y Ténèbres     Gothique Lumières and Ténèbres is the second set of playing cards in a series based on the ‘Paris Pattern’ style of face cards. The titles…

22 March

Portraits of the Zombie Apocalypse Deck. Remember when you were alive

  If you were a zombie in love for playing cards, you would like to be depicted in your own deck of cards and remember what you used to be like before the transformation. That’s the idea behind the Portraits of the Zombie Apocalypse deck.     Andrew and Ken are Classy Horse Industries, and this is their very first playing cards project. Inspired on photographs of postmortem portraits in the Victorian age, the deck mixes the traditional concept of…

06 August

ZOM-B-GIRLS Pin-Up Playing Cards. Zombie but cute girls

  Playing cards collectors know pin-ups decks are very valuable and zombie decks are very popular. Team Zombie have decide to mix both on this crazy, sexy and eerie deck: Zom-B-Girls. I have the chance to talk to Justin Hussain, one of the creators of the deck, and he has told me they were looking for different artists to design the deck, not just for one for the whole design. So, five people form Team Zombie: two creators and idea…

07 June

Ultimate Zombie Bicycle Playing Cards. You can be a zombie too

    Along last months, many zombie decks have gone out their graves. This new deck the  Ultimate Zombie Playing Cards, brings us previously unseen original aspects. On one hand, the drawings of the characters take positions that are similar to the number of cards they are in. Furthermore, any backer of the project (that can afford it) can be immortalized as another zombie in any of the court cards and jokers.     The deck will also include what…

06 April

Received the last deck (Extraordinary Voyages) by BentCastle. New release of Pippoglyph II deck

  BentCastle has produced really nice decks along last years. The whole collection is formed by four different decks: Pippoglyph: a reinterpretation of the classic poker deck. Pegleg Pete’s deck of Royal Rogues: a pirate themed poker deck (in two colors, black and red) Living Dead: a zombie themed set of two decks Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages: a Steampunk themed deck (in two colors, red and blue).     I have received recently the Deck of the Extraordinary voyages….

01 November

Póstumo – The Deck of the Dead

Halloween is the perfect time to release this playing cards project: Póstumo – The Deck of Dead. A zombie-inspired deck of playing cards with custom illustrations by the brilliantly talented artist Obsidian Abnormal. The deck has got already funds to be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock paper so the quality is ensured. Traditional suits have been redesigned to become real hearts, brains, bats and other terrific items. It is very interesting the way the artist have carefully designed the…