Ultimate Zombie Bicycle Playing Cards. You can be a zombie too



Along last months, many zombie decks have gone out their graves.

This new deck the  Ultimate Zombie Playing Cards, brings us previously unseen original aspects. On one hand, the drawings of the characters take positions that are similar to the number of cards they are in. Furthermore, any backer of the project (that can afford it) can be immortalized as another zombie in any of the court cards and jokers.



The deck will also include what they call re-animation, something seen in other decks like the Mechanic deck, where you’ll be able to flip the deck and see a zombie come to life, or flip the other end to see a zombie horde chase a survivor.

The deck, printed by USPCC and Bicycle branded, has been created by the artist Brian Denham.

There are just a few hours left and the project has already got the funding goal. You can find more information and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!