BICYCLE STRONGHOLD NATURAL Playing Cards. A more spiritual re-edition

A year ago, Gambler’s Warehouse launched the successful Stronghold MMXX campaign, inspired by the stories of the Templars and the holy grail. Many fans have asked for an edition showing the most spiritual aspect of these inspiration and, to please them, Shapeshifters adapted the original designs to a new color scheme to launch STRONGHOLD NATURAL.

The deck preserves the care and deep respect for traditional playing cards but with a modern and elegant twist. The purity of the knight spirit is reflected in a white background back where the cross and the sword, symbols from the Templar imagery, are depicted in silver and red metallic inks in an elaborate symmetrical composition. That symbology is also present in both jokers.



Oversized aces are perfectly identifiable for game or magic, but fully customized with detailed patterns. The traditional structure has also been kept in the numbered cards and in the poses of the court characters. Kings, queens and knights with their armor are ready for the fight. The delicacy of the details creates stylized illustrations full of beauty. A new color scheme with more subtle hues softens compositions.



Printed by the USPCC, two different editions will be made. The Bicycle branded one, and an unbranded special edition, with four different foils on the outside with embossing and two foils on the inner tuck box to give it a superior look and offer a special product for collectors made by Gambler’s.



If you want to continue the sage, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!