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BICYCLE DOUBLE BLACK Playing Cards. The second edition of Gambler’s classic

More than three years ago, with two decades of experience in the playing cards market, Gambler’s Warehouse burst into the crowdfunding scene with a deck created by one of their most talented artists. Keeping the original enthusiasm of the first campaign, they have created a new and completely redesigned edition: BICYCLE DOUBLE BLACK 2nd Edition. Designed […]


Bicycle Steampunk Bandits Playing Cards. A gang of Gambler’s of the Victorian age

  Legend tells there was a gang of clackers (hackers of Victorian era machines) that devised a predictive card-counting algorithm that used to send many casinos into ruin. Inspired by this legend, another group of gamblers, the team at Gambler’s Warehouse, have launched a new and stunning deck of cards: Steampunk bandits.     Mixing […]


PRESTIGE RADIANT Playing Cards. A triumph of elegance and refinement

A few months after its last deck, Gambler’s Warehouse immerses us in a world of timeless beauty, paying homage to tradition and enveloping us in an aura of elegance with its new campaign: PRESTIGE RADIANT. PRESTIGE RADIANT is a collection that embodies sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship. The cards feature custom designs that exude an atmosphere […]


BICYCLE STRONGHOLD NATURAL Playing Cards. A more spiritual re-edition

A year ago, Gambler’s Warehouse launched the successful Stronghold MMXX campaign, inspired by the stories of the Templars and the holy grail. Many fans have asked for an edition showing the most spiritual aspect of these inspiration and, to please them, Shapeshifters adapted the original designs to a new color scheme to launch STRONGHOLD NATURAL. […]


Some playing card decks to remember in a year that many people prefer to forget

  We all agree that 2020 has not been the best year of our lives. However, I wanted to make a small selection of some decks released this year that are worth remembering. The objective of this article is to review decks that I find interesting, without boasts of exclusivity, without impossible to get editions, […]


STRONGHOLD MMXX Playing Cards. A medieval epopee with a modern twist

For centuries, the Knights Templar have been the great defenders of the Holy Grail, the chalice used in the Last Supper Jesus shared with his apostles. These warriors have defended with their lives the constant attempts to steal the sacred object full of mysterious magical properties. But this secret Templar order has disappeared and, with […]


ARCADIA SIGNATURE cards. A bucolic imaginary world of artistic beauty

With an interesting combination of elegance and delicacy, Arcadia Playing Cards designs have offered us beautiful custom decks. The new campaign has a special meaning: ARCADIA SIGNATURE. The new deck is inspired by the idea behind the name of Arcadia, a region of ancient Greece that over time, and thanks to the artistic expressions of poets, […]