EVE Playing Cards: THE UNTOLD STORY. If you bite into this deck, you know what awaits you …

The creation of the world and mankind according to Christians is one of the most exciting stories written in the Bible. An interesting reinterpretation has just been released in a new deck: EVE: THE UNTOLD STORY.

Adapting the illustrations from the homonymous graphic novel by Francis Testa, these cards tell the fascinating story of Genesis from a different perspective, that of Eve, as the mother of humanity. Thus, the different suits speak about the story grouping, in the court cards, Adam and Eve in the conception, Cain and Abel in the progeny, the archangels Raphael and Michael in the virtues and Asmodeus and Satan in the vices.



The aces play with biblical iconography and traditional suit shapes in striking compositions.



Numbered cards redefine the standard structure in a full customization.



The back tells the whole story through its essential elements. The couple, the apple, the serpent, the tree and Eden build an interesting symmetrical scene.



The joker is a funnier card, imagining a friendship between The Archangel Michael and Satan, in a comical and carefree style.



The tuck case is very luxurious, richly decorated in black and gold, and will have embossing and foil if the stretch goals are achieved.



Printing will also depend on funding and will be made by MPC for the initial goal or USPCC if the campaign makes money enough.

In addition, the two volumes of the graphic novel are offered in exclusive editions available only in the campaign.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!