THE WIZARD OF OZ Playing Cards. An animated tour through the yellow brick road

The master in animated playing cards, Stephen W. Brandt (fig. 23), continues with his decks dedicated to the great classics of literature and illustration with: THE WIZARD OF OZ FLIP BOOK.

The story of Dorothy in the world of Oz is known worldwide thanks to the 1939 MGM cult film which, like this deck, was based on the children’s novelThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz“, written by L. Frank Braum in 1900 and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. These illustrations have served as the basis for Stephen’s art in motion. Based on the original drawings by Denslow, the card faces show an animated scene from the novel in which, using the “flip-book” technique, we can see how Dorothy’s house in Kansas flies inside a twister.



The court cards feature 12 different characters in the monochromatic style of the original artist. For obvious reasons, diamonds have been reinterpreted as green emeralds.



The back is reminiscent of earlier creations in a much more personal style, with vintage illustrations made by Stephen of relevant objects from the novel. If you are surprised to see that Dorothy’s shoes are not red, you should know that they were originally silver in the novel. Also, the jokers show two different monochrome scenes.



A new interesting moving proposal by this talented artist that will be printed by MPC in a very limited run.

Another interesting animated deck that will be printed by MPC in a very limited run.

If you want to get this new classic collectible, follow the yellow brick road that will take you to the project website.

Good luck!