1910 Brew House Bicycle decks. Cool and foamy playing cards


Some people think (I am one of them) that there are not many pleasures in the life comparable to an ice cold glass (or even a mug) of beer. There is a whole culture around the beer specially having in mind it is one of the oldest drinks in the man history. Inspired by the beer and by the advertisements from early 1900, we can find a new playing cards project: 1910 Brew House.

The artist behind the design, Daniel J. Kroemer, is an avid collector of beer memorabilia and decided to carry his passion for beer to his passion for the design creating a full set of cards with a fantastic atmosphere that reminds the old decoration of beer posters and trays.

Daniel has released two editions with the same faces and different tuck cases and card backs: the Standard Edition and the Imperial Edition. Both will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded with embossed and interior printed, and custom and numbered seals.

Have a look to the images and if you like them visit the  project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!