Latest BICYCLE decks by Collectable Playing Cards. Look at these fish and they will hypnotize you

The customization of the traditional Bicycle cards with a main theme of inspiration and some color changes in court cards and pips is one of the success formulas of Collectable Playing Cards, that has become the most prolific producer of Bicycle cards of the moment.

Find below their latest two campaigns:





“Koi”, which means carp in Japanese, is the name used to refer to those beautiful colorful fish that decorate gardens and ponds especially in Asian cultures. These fish have served as an inspiration to Juniardi Satyanagara to create this deck. Using mainly red and black, the tuck case, the back and the jokers are decorated with these nice fish. Pips and court cards have also been decorated with the same color scheme and pattern.



Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded the project is almost funded. Just some days left so if you like it you can get it on the project website.








A challenge for our eye. This is the deck created by Johnny Whaam based on a classic optical effect, formed by a set of wheels that look like rotating while you observe them. Based on the traditional scheme, all the cards have been customized, using the hypnotic wheel as the common element of the design.



Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC, the campaign has just been launched and is almost half funded so, if you like it, you can help to make it real pledging in the project website. Try, however, to stop looking at this back :).


Good luck!

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