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The latest releases by Collectable Playing Cards. Gnomes, vegetables and a bright blue planet

The prolific Collectable Playing Cards is going to offer several releases this year with a new strategy. The decks will be produced and offered for pre-sale or sale exclusively through its official website at least 30 days before making them available to any wholesaler or store. CPC will be producing new decks and limited reprints […]


Latest BICYCLE decks by Collectable Playing Cards. Look at these fish and they will hypnotize you

The customization of the traditional Bicycle cards with a main theme of inspiration and some color changes in court cards and pips is one of the success formulas of Collectable Playing Cards, that has become the most prolific producer of Bicycle cards of the moment. Find below their latest two campaigns:   BICYCLE KOI     “Koi”, which means […]


Collectable Playing Cards celebrate their hundred. Congratulations!

I perfectly remember when, in 2013, I was chatting with the Spanish Ana Albares, one of their first artists, about Collectable Playing Cards. The man behind an already consolidated company dedicated to the magic products in Magic Trick Store, Mike Guistolise, decided to begin a business venture about playing cards in which he would also produce his […]


Latest deck campaigns by Collectable Playing Cards. One conflict and two natural catastrophes

Once again, Collectable Playing Cards simultaneously offers us three campaigns on Kickstarter. Let’s check them in chronological order.   BICYCLE NATURAL DISASTERS HURRICANE     This is the fifth deck of the Natural Disasters series. This time, cards have a design where the light green predominates on a black background.     This series designed by […]


Latest releases by Collectable Playing Cards decks. Fire and modern classicism surrounded by explosions

As in previous occasions, several playing cards produced by the prolific Collectable Playing Cards have been launched at the same time. Therefore, in this article I will tell you their three projects that are now available in Kickstarter with different styles and themes.     BICYCLE WILDFIRE     This is the second deck of the […]


BICYCLE VINCENT’S ROYALS Playing Cards. The reinterpretation of a great master’s portraits

Collectable Playing Cards have already produced their own “Signature Art” series with playing cards such as Sistine or Old Masters. Now, they present a new deck inspired by one of the most important artists in the history: BICYCLE VINCENT’S ROYALS. Vincent Van Gogh’s life is one of the most stormy and intense (though short) that an artist can have. […]