BICYCLE VINCENT’S ROYALS Playing Cards. The reinterpretation of a great master’s portraits

Collectable Playing Cards have already produced their own “Signature Art” series with playing cards such as Sistine or Old Masters. Now, they present a new deck inspired by one of the most important artists in the history: BICYCLE VINCENT’S ROYALS.

Vincent Van Gogh’s life is one of the most stormy and intense (though short) that an artist can have. A prolific painter full of contradictions whose different stages and experiences marked his life and his paintings.

One of these stages devoted to portraits has serve as inspiration for the artist Johnny Whaam to reinterpret the great master’s portraits in a series of illustrations that decorate the court cards.



For the back, he has chosen one of the most emblematic works of the impressionist painter: the starry night. The jokers depict two different versions of the well-known sunflowers.



The artist wanted to make his own interpretation and contribution to the deck so the designs are completely original although inspired by the Van Gogh’s masterpieces. He has even followed the original painting technique simulating Vincent’s lines and style.

Like in previous decks, CPC will produce this in a limited edition taking advantage of the USPCC’s 1000 units print run option. Furthermore, the seal will be numbered so the deck will be specially interesting for collectors.




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Good luck!