Bicycle Limited Edition Elegance Deck. Golden and metalic shine



Collectable playing cards has found the best strategy to catch the attention of card fans with good campaigns and fast fulfillment. This is the eighth deck Mike Guistolise offers through Kickstarter: Bicycle Elegance.

We would be able to find some relation between this deck and other made before such like the Premium Collection by Elite, but after having a deeper look to the whole concept, the only relation is the use of gold and black and the elegant curves and intricate designs. This deck has its own personality and the result is elegant and nice.

In this deck, CPC has offered as many extras as possible adding to its features almost all the available at the USPCC including bee stock, metallic inks, tuck foils, embossement and red vellum inside, and a full customization for all the cards, pips and back.

As stretch goal of $25k, a second deck in green, Emerald, will be released. This will also be Bicycle branded with air cushion finish and a limited edition of 2,500 decks.

As you know, another campaign by CPC is still available (Killer Clowns). It is the very first time a creator has two campaigns at the same time, something that clearly reveals the reliability of the company.

The campaign is almost funded so if you like it, go to the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!