ICONS SACRED EDITION. The second deck in the ICONS series by Half Moon Playing Cards

Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards) is one of the most experienced and talented playing cards creator in the world. He has always been trying to find his limits creating new decks and experimenting with new materials, stocks, varnishes, … He has given the playing card community really cool decks but he has recently faced some printing issues fighting again the risk trying to find the very best quality and unique designs for his fans (and for himself).

In order to find extra funding to fulfill his previous campaign to balance the terrible loss of the damaged Icons Imperial print-run, he decided to create something special by his own: ICONS SACRED.




I have talked to Lotrek about this deck and this is what he has told me:

I used this deck as an experimental print to test my new printer as well as certain ideas I had to solve production issues I had in the past. I also tested Metallic inks’ behavior as I’m planning to make extensive and sophisticated use of the metallics in some upcoming decks.

I also tested my own varnishing formula which however wasn’t what I expected. When tested at home applying it with a roller, the result was very satisfactory and durable.

When applied in the press however, due to the thickness of the printed coating which is inevitably much thinner, the coating lost in durability and became sensitive to much rubbing.

Therefore, I don’t recommend these cards for regular playing and also they’re not suitable for tricks and flourishing. ICONS Sacred is more an object of art than a regular deck.

Another test I did was exploring the amount of detail that I could get with foil on the tuck. The result speaks for itself! A very intricate pattern was used as a background that creates an amazing feeling in the light. My workshop did excellent work and this is just the beginning.




Despite the coating issue, I decided not to reprint this deck. I printed 650 copies in total and these will be the only ones that will be ever sold. The Sacred Edition will remain as it is. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

The ICONS series will be completed with the release of ICONS Secular Edition this year. Of course there is still the IMPERIAL edition pending which I’m trying to reprint and fulfill the soonest possible. Ideally I want it shipped before summer and I’m focusing all my efforts on that.

The basic deck features are:

  • Gold Metallic ink on the face cards
  • Gold and Silver metallic ink for the back
  • Intricate tuck case with foil and embossing.
  • Tuck case printed on double sided color stock (metallic black and bronze)

This deck is part of the Icons “three-decks” series that begun with Icons Imperial and will finish with Icons Secular Edition. This time he didn’t create a project but printed all the decks by his own and has just released them in his website. Just a few hours after the launch, the decks are almost sold out so if you want one, do not waste a second and get yours.

Good luck!