Whispering Imps Playing Cards. Tiny demons full of magic




Imps are tiny mischievous and playful mythological beings commonly associated with magicians.


Harry Kellar was an American magician who presented large stage shows during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He released in 1894 a poster that featured Kellar in a profile portrait with two little red Imps, one peeking over his shoulder and the other whispering secrets into his ear. This poster with the famous Whispering Imps was imitated by other magicians. Kellar made Imps the symbol of magic, mystery, and secrets.



This piece of the magic history inspired Chris Chelko to create his deck: Whispering Imps Playing Cards.



This is an amazing deck, hand drawn by illustrator Mark Stutzman, printed by USPCC with a classic and elegant design. The card faces are inspired in the early 1900’s decks and the back, ace of spades and jokers have intricate anddetailed designs.



The tuck box is simply stunning, made with Black Premium Vellum paper and without printed inks (the text, design & logo is created entirely from Red Hot Stamped Foil).



The project is already funded and the creator has prepared a special edition deck with another cool tuck box in red as a stretch goal.



You can get more info, story and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!