GHOUL GUYS Playing Cards. A child’s imagination produces funny monsters

The decks of Will Roya ( never go unnoticed. Will is determined to offer us visually stimulating playing cards and now he does it again with GHOUL GUYS.

It is a very special deck since it was designed by Elijah Hayles, a 11 year old boy. The surname may be familiar to you because, in effect, he is the son of well-known artist Sam Hayles who has already worked with Will in other decks.


From the young artist’s imagination arise monstrous creatures inspired by his favorite books and movies. After several months of work, once the process of drawing and scanning was completed, Sam helped Elijah in the digital coloring and the selection and insertion of each character in its card. The result is a very funny and original deck, with unique and colorful illustrations.




The campaign is already funded and the USPCC will produce a limited number of cards, which, as stretch goals, can be Bicycle branded and even have custom seals.



If you want to support this interesting proposal, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!