OUTLAW Playing Cards. The beauty of the wild speed

I don’t know why you like Max Playing Cards (in case you like it, as you may have arrived by chance and you don’t feel any interest) but I can tell you why Max Playing Cards is still “in the loop” for many years now and what gives meaning to its existence. This reason, interestingly, is not the cards or their spectacular designs, nor the large or small campaigns in the search for funding. The reason for this existence is the people and their human quality. This is the true gasoline that moves Max Playing Cards’ engine and what makes me keeping the energy to write day after day about this increasingly crazy and complicated playing cards world.

One of the artists I have had the opportunity to have inspiring talks about playing cards world is Lee Mckenzie, a creator full of talent who after working for important companies like Ellusionist decided to embark on his own adventure with Kings and Crooks and had a stellar success in the Empire decks campaigns with a smart combination of strength and beauty. Lee’s talent is only comparable to his perseverance to solve the difficulties and now it resurfaces again with an authentic wonder: OUTLAW.

OUTLAW is a strong but sincere, risky and beautiful bet at the same time. Inspired by those rebellious motorcycle groups, the designs show the most iconic elements of this way of life. The details of each card exhibit without filters a huge personality and a deep passion for playing cards creation. Bearded skulls, bandanas, weapons … Everything fits in red, white and black illustrations that, far from giving simplicity, still increase their strength.



Everything has been redesigned from the scratch. Court cards, with their rebellious attitude infected to two very bad jokers, pips and indexes and an emblematic ace of spades. with the patch these dangerous asphalt cowboys will embroider in their leather jackets.



The tuck case, manufactured by Clove St. Press, will use matte black paper, with white foil, embossing and a silver foil and black seal. Without a doubt, an authentic wild beauty.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC and you will regret if it is not funded.

So, do not hesitate. Visit the project website and get this fantastic deck.

Good luck!