Kingdoms of a new World. Another opportunity to get these beauties



Do you remember “Kingdoms of a New World” project by Nathanael Mortensen? Inspired by fantasy worlds, with a stunning artwork and three different decks, the story behind them was exciting.

Well, the success was so great and so many people contacted the creator to ask for decks after the end of the campaign that Nathanael has decided to launch a second campaign to give more people the opportunity to get these nice pieces of art.

During all this time, the artwork has been finished and submitted for approval, so the production should be soon. The funds raised in this second campaign will be added to the ones from the first one so a larger print run will be possible.

There will be three decks in the campaign. One red and one blue unlimited decks and one limited deck with a cool black and gold back and just 2,500 units produced. All will be Bicycle branded and printed by USPCC.

Enjoy the images and raise your pledge in the project website in case you didn’t in the first one. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a fantastic piece of art.

Good luck!