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07 June

Kingdoms of a new World. Another opportunity to get these beauties

    Do you remember “Kingdoms of a New World” project by Nathanael Mortensen? Inspired by fantasy worlds, with a stunning artwork and three different decks, the story behind them was exciting. Well, the success was so great and so many people contacted the creator to ask for decks after the end of the campaign that Nathanael has decided to launch a second campaign to give more people the opportunity to get these nice pieces of art. During all this…

30 October

Bicycle “Kingdoms of a New World” decks. Fantastic fantasy art

  This is not “just another deck” and the story behind it is not only a creation story, but a story about a dream and a friendship (and you know I love these stories). Nathanael Mortensen was a seven years child when he begun to create his own games to entertain his little sisters and he designed boards for boards games when he was 15. Two years ago, after his mother, a teen librarian, started a board game night at…