Bicycle “Kingdoms of a New World” decks. Fantastic fantasy art


This is not “just another deck” and the story behind it is not only a creation story, but a story about a dream and a friendship (and you know I love these stories).

Nathanael Mortensen was a seven years child when he begun to create his own games to entertain his little sisters and he designed boards for boards games when he was 15.

Two years ago, after his mother, a teen librarian, started a board game night at the local library, he had the chance to learn a lot about board games and begun creating their first own game, Dragon’s Hoard.

He found Jonas Akerlund on boardgamegeek. When he first saw his art, he instantly knew he wanted to work with him on his game. Nathanael was a student without the economical resources to afford Jonas’ work so he worked hard scrubbing toilets to earn the money to Jonas for the illustrations. He spent one year and several thousand dollars before going to Kickstarter.

The answer from the community was clear and overwhelming and they reached the funding goal of $10,000 in 5 days time.


After Dragon’s Hoard campaign, he started thinking about how awesome it would be if Jonas and himself created a regular deck of playing cards. Once Dragon’s Hoard was sent to the printers, they started working on it. He has enjoyed working with Jonas. He is a fantastic illustrator, and a good friend. And the project is almost real just a few dollars under the funding goal in just five days: Kingdoms of a New World.

There will be three decks in the campaign. One red and one blue unlimited decks and one limited deck with a cool black and gold back. All will be Bicycle branded and printed by USPCC.



You can see in the images the cool art depicted in the decks. As said before, it will be widely funded so go to the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!