AESIR FOIL TUCK Playing cards. Viking mythology in the most luxurious tuck cases

Since Doug Frye launched the very first Aesir deck in 2014, hundreds of card fans have been able to enjoy this world inspired by Viking mythology and its prophecy about the end of the world. Several editions have been created after that but Doug wanted to create something very special so he has launched his new campaign: AESIR FOIL TUCK.

For this project, three luxury tuck cases in blue, red and black have been created. To make them more unique and bold, they will be printed using gold foil.



Each tuck case will contain one of the different editions that have already been printed. The blue and red cases will include the Aesir editions printed by the USPCC, with designs on a white background and backs in blue and red and the variations in the king of clubs (Thor) and the queen of hearts (Freya).



The black case will have inside the Aesir Gold deck, printed by Liberty with the designs on colored backgrounds and the gold-on-black back.



It is a simple campaign mainly focused on the most recalcitrant collectors and, of course, on those who still don’t know or have not been able to get the Aesir cards in any of the previous projects.

The campaign has been a success so if you want to get some of these new editions (or them all) visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!