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12 August

AESIR FOIL TUCK Playing cards. Viking mythology in the most luxurious tuck cases

Since Doug Frye launched the very first Aesir deck in 2014, hundreds of card fans have been able to enjoy this world inspired by Viking mythology and its prophecy about the end of the world. Several editions have been created after that but Doug wanted to create something very special so he has launched his new campaign: AESIR FOIL TUCK. For this project, three luxury tuck cases in blue, red and black have been created. To make them more unique…

19 May

Plugged Nickel deck review. The reborn of the skeleton cowboys

  Two months ago I was talking about a set of two Bicycle decks developed by VixenTor Games: Plugged Nickel. That campaign finished unfunded and the creator, Matt Drake, decided to take some time and change the way he was handling the project, improve the design and think about printing the decks in another company with less minimum quantity restrictions. Two months later, I have found in my mailbox a prototype of the new Plugged Nickel deck and I am…