ASYLUM: THE LITTLE BOX OF HORRORS Playing Cards. Reviving Madness

Almost 10 years ago, I wrote a very extensive article that included reflections on the dark side of crowdfunding and an interview with the creators of the Back to The Asylum decks. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to coordinate the production of a new campaign: ASYLUM: LITTLE BOX OF HORRORS.

Coming from the talented and imaginative mind of Milan Colovic (Sleepy Lantern Studio), Little Box of Horrors revisits Asylum with fresh new ideas but keeps the essence of its predecessors alive. Dr. Freakmund Zoid once again addresses his audience, promising to prolong the agony and mystery surrounding these characters who have already become a great family. If previous editions were more focused on the patients’ perspective of this psychiatric center, these new editions represent more of the staff’s point of view, maintaining the best elements of the original design and improving other aspects with a complete redesign.



This new campaign offers two editions: Restrained and Antisane. In the Restrained edition, the court cards showcase a collection of drawings and scribbled notes by Dr. Freakmund Zoid, hastily torn from his diary. On the other hand, Antisane offers documents directly extracted from the center’s patient records, including meticulous classification and photographic documentation.



The numbered cards and the aces have remained in their original form in both editions.



The backs have undergone a significant transformation, with striking symmetrical compositions referencing nightmares within a padded wall room.



The jokers in both editions feature a character named Tuesday.



In addition to these editions, a very special case has been created, the LITTLE BOX OF HORRORS, offering enhanced versions of both decks in their DELIRIUM editions. These feature embossed tuck cases, interior printing, and numbered seals.



These decks also recall a riot caused by patients that necessitated the hiring of new staff. These new employees appear in the diamond court of these Delirium editions, so they can only be found here. The jokers are also different, portraying Dr. Freakmund Zoid himself as the central character of this story.



This box features an original opening system that reveals its hidden corners, with loads of details to enjoy the most insane dementia.



Additionally, this box includes a letter from Dr. Freakmund in whose envelope you can find a certificate of madness, a photograph with his patients, and two extra exclusive cards not included in any of the decks.



For those seeking a much more personalized experience, the project offers a unique edition of this box called Twisted. This special version will include the Delirium editions of the decks that have been in the hands of the Asylum residents themselves, on which they have written messages in invisible ink. These handwritten messages make these decks unique pieces as no two are alike.



Moreover, the Twisted version of the box will incorporate two more personalized elements: a numbered seal (matching the one on the decks inside) and an ID card to access the center. Both will bear the backer’s name.



NPCC (Noir Arts) will be responsible for printing this incredible campaign, using the best materials and finishes, promising to be a unique production of enormous quality. Additionally, they will also distribute it carefully throughout the world to all sponsors.

The campaign has just launched, and I hope it’s a complete success. If you want to be part of this authentic madness, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!