Winter deck. Cold, dark and beatiful playing cards from Russia



From the North, from cold and windy Russia comes the Winter Deck. Winter is cold, dark and dangerous in the places this deck comes from, but there is a strange beauty in this danger. Beauty of a hunting predator, deadly but amazing.

Winter Deck is a custom highly-creative deck of playing cards designed by Ultramarine Designs, a team of artists originally residing in Russia that has grown and obtained new members from USA and China.



Inspired by freezing tribal images of northern winter this artwork is called to show you all its mystic and dangerous beauty.

The characters in the court cards have their own story and each card shows their both white and dark spirits. Human and animal are the two faces of the same soul.



To increase the eerie atmosphere of this deck, an essential character, Her majesty, The Ice Queen, Winter, appears next to all the heroes. She touches them, holds them, leads and punishes… rules them.



Each suit represents a different style of characters: spades are evil, diamonds are the beauty, richness and color, clubs are invincible warriors of the northern seas and hearts are tribal warriors who keep peace of ancient northern forests.



This deck will be printed by USPCC and have Bicycle stock along with Magic Finish.

You can get more info and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!