Bicycle Tinker deck and Rusty decks. Worn and new at the same time


Taylor Eshelman is Tesh, and he is the creator of a new Steampunk inspired set of playing cards: Bicycle Tinker Deck.

The Tinker Deck is a tribute to the Industrial Revolution and some of the key people in history who made it work. It’s a relic of a time long past, a time that still has profound effects in our lives today.

It was born out of a love for history and old machinery, and the effects that time have on both. These people and their machines may be long dead, but their legacy lives on.

The deck will be printed by USPCC under Bicycle brand and Tesh is also preparing a sister deck, the Rusty deck, where the art has been aged and dirtied up to give it a bit more of an “antique” feel, due to the ravages of time.



You can see here exclusive images of the Rusty deck.

Find more info and raise your pledge on the project website.

Good luck!