BLACKTALES Playing Cards. A very traditional pirates

Eduardo “Ed” Méndez is a designer based in Santiago de Chile that has worked in brand and websites designing for several years. Ed has had the interesting initiative of creating a deck of cards as the hallmark of his new designing and professional promotion adventure as Ed. M. Crown: BLACK TALES.

Ed has worked for more than a year on this deck looking for a balanced design, which would please all card fans. Thus, he wanted to keep the traditional structure to make the cards perfectly recognizable and guarantee their playability. At the same time, he wanted to make completely customized cards, in each and every one of their elements, adapting them to the chosen theme, something that will delight collectors. In addition, the deck includes two identical jokers and two gaff cards (double backed and blank) that will allow magicians to include them in their card tricks and routines.



The inspiration comes from the exciting world of piracy. This subject that has already been treated in other decks, is depicted in Black Tales in a different way. One of the main goals sought by the artist has been keeping the classic elegance, without falling into caricature. The court cards have their own entity and the elements that decorate them tell their own history. The pips are more stylized and the color combination use aquamarine green and yellow along with the traditional red and black.



The back has white borders and is beautifully ornamented on classic marine objects (rudders, cannons, sails, …) in golden yellow on a black background, the same colors used in the tuck case to highlight its elegance.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition using the Bicycle stock, air-cushion finish and pantone colors for a more solid and coherent printing quality.

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Good luck!