MASQUERADE Playing Cards. The second deck of Brain Vessel’s Artist Series

After emerging on the playing cards stage in 2014 with their Seven Seas series, BrainVessel embarked on a new adventure called “Artist Series”. In the eternal and passionate search for talent turned into cards, they decided, with this series, to convert each deck into a collection of canvases where different artists could give free rein to their creativity. After the first campaign, Bones, illustrated by Jason Kreiger, one of their leading artists, they now launches their second Artists Series project: MASQUERADE.

Masquerade has been illustrated by Denyse Klette, a Canadian artist with a huge talent for drawing and painting, tireless and imaginative illustrator and creative as well as a renowned sculptor. With a very personal style, fun and a little crazy, the court cards illustrations have carnivalesque reminiscences, with an interesting combination of natural elements and body parts with the poker suits in a balanced jumble of great aesthetic beauty. It is not about illustrations placed on cards but expressly designed to be a card, something that denotes an important mastery of technique and space.



The aces are very beautiful and follow the court designing style. The numbered cards have also been customized with special pips sticks but with a clear and clean reading.



Two editions have been created for this campaign. On the one hand, the standard edition will come in an elegant black tuck case with silver foil and other extras that will be unlocked as stretch goals.



On the other hand, the special edition will be limited to a 1000 decks print-run of which only 200 will be offered in the project, while the rest will be used in a charity gala. This edition has the same cards in a different tuck case and will become very scarce so it is limited to one deck per backer.



The USPCC will be in charge of printing these cards, so the artwork quality joins the printing quality.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!