BICYCLE SUPREME LINE Playing Cards. A “rider back” deck with many secrets for magic and cardistry

Sometimes I receive questions from my readers about stocks and finishes used to print playing cards. Although a thorough analysis of this topic would require a much longer article, it is possible to learn important aspects by observing the features of new releases. A good example is the new release by Di Fatta Magic: BICYCLE SUPREME LINE deck.

Its appearance is that of a standard Bicycle rider back deck, with the traditional tuck case in red and blue colors. However there are some features that make this deck somewhat different.

On the one hand, the Bicycle Supreme Line deck has traditional cut. This means that, during the production process, the cards are cut face to back, instead of the usual back to face modern cut. Although it may seem that this does not make a big difference, those who perform special shuffles, particularly the “faro” (mixing two packets of cards interspersed one by one simply by facing them and applying some pressure) do praise this type of cut, especially if the faro is made with the cards face down.



On the other hand, the stock used for this deck has been the “crushed” one, a thinner paper that makes the cards more flexible and snappy. This will delight manipulators and cardists.

In addition, as far as this is a deck created for magicians, it incorporates three gaff cards useful for magic routines.



Despite all these extras, the recommended retail price of the deck does not exceed $4 so it is a very interesting option for those who want to try something new without spending a lot of money.

The launch will be on April 18.  If you are a dealer or wholesaler, you can contact Di Fatta to get this and many other decks from their catalog. If you are not, you can find it in your local retailer or webshop.

Good luck!