Black (and white) Zombie deck. Third time lucky


Some creators have lived the frustrating experience of offering original, talented and interesting cards that cannot become real due to high funding goals required by the minimum run of 2500 units set the USPCC to print a deck.

This frustration has led some artists to print their decks in other companies without such restriction. This is the case of Warpunk Games. After offering their deck in their two previous projects, they have decided to pursue his dream and launch again the Black Zombie deck, a deck of playing cards inspired Gothic and French design poker.

And they have succeed. The deck is already funded, but there is still time to improve it and add some extras. In fact, if the funding raises to $10,000, they will print the white version of the deck.

Black Zombie will be printed by QP Group, a well known games manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. The cards will be printed on 310gsm French Casino playing cards stock with a black liner and a linen finish. Brian Lee, of Warpunk games, has assured me that it will be a really quality deck with little or nothing to envy to the ones by USPCC.

Warpunk Games is a creator of games, and that is the real spirit of the deck, so there will be other elements around the deck intended to make it an exciting board game.

If you want it, raise your pledge on the project page.

Good luck!