Bicycle Foto Grafis deck light is ON. Many surprises awaiting…


Some weeks ago, you had the opportunity to read about Foto Grafis deck project, playing cards made of cool photos and with a very original system of card recognition that borrows from the digital displays of our modern cameras – that of the battery status indicator.



On September 30th, award winning photographer and graphic designer, Paul Michael Kane launched his custom deck of playing cards campaign. Named Foto Grafis, the deck features the photographer’s wonderfully textured, black and white images.



Kane was astonished to attain 30% of funding within the first 24 hours. His goal of $8,500, he notes, is low for a deck of cards slated to be printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Kane, a successful fine art photographer and versatile graphic artist with ties to companies like Ford and Lucasfilm, is putting up his fair share of the funding.



Kane promises exciting stretch goals for the campaign and some unique add-ons, a few, he is calling no-obligation add-ons. The first one drops on Friday, October 4th. Each deck backed via Kickstarter will come with a signed “Certificate of Appreciation”.



This certificate, a hefty 32-point, die cut card with rounded edges is designed to sit alongside your display deck of Foto Grafis Cards. Kane created the card to mimic both the tuck case interior and exterior with the textured orange pattern on the bottom layer, showing through the die-cut top layer. No expense has been spared as even the edges will receive some attention, being colored orange to coincide with the color scheme of the tuck box. Kane will hand sign each certificate right in the center of the die-cut. Every deck from the campaign will come with a certificate.



Kane’s first stretch goal is a custom ‘thank you’ poker chip. Once the campaign reaches $10,000, anyone who has backed the cards gets a free poker chip.



You can check out the campaign and raise your pledge on the project’s website.

Good luck!