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02 January

Foto Grafis strikes again. The definitive campaign

  I have talked more than once about the Foto Grafis deck, made by the award winning photographer and graphic designer Paul Michael Kane. Last time Paul couldn’t fund the deck but he has been working along last months to launch the definitive campaign of the Foto Grafis Deck. The deck is formed by a set of 52 beautiful images that, following the spirit of the artist, “transform the ordinary or mundane into the extraordinary and spectacular”. 54 Poker Sized…

04 October

Bicycle Foto Grafis deck light is ON. Many surprises awaiting…

  Some weeks ago, you had the opportunity to read about Foto Grafis deck project, playing cards made of cool photos and with a very original system of card recognition that borrows from the digital displays of our modern cameras – that of the battery status indicator.     On September 30th, award winning photographer and graphic designer, Paul Michael Kane launched his custom deck of playing cards campaign. Named Foto Grafis, the deck features the photographer’s wonderfully textured, black…

10 September

Foto Grafis deck. Playing cards with light and control

  Award winning photographer and graphic designer, Paul Michael Kane is proud to team with Bicycle and the United States Playing Card Company on Foto Grafis, a deck of playing cards with a photographic twist. The term, Foto Grafis, comes from Latin and means Light and Control, two key elements in making a successful image.  Each of the deck’s 52 cards will feature a carefully considered image and a new system of card recognition that optimizes image space, yet makes…

14 February

Surreal Scapes deck. Art projected onto nude bodies

  A new and original proposal. Here’s the deck created by Surreal Scapes. Using an interesting projection technique, the artist and creator, Zaid Salman, has used a total of 55 photographs to be printed in a deck made by USPCC if they get the funds needed. Enjoy the pictures and raise your pledge in the project campaign webpage.