ETHEREAL DREAMS Playing Cards. A captivating meeting of the history of poker and tarot with the delicate beauty of women

In 2021 I had the pleasure of collaborating on the production of Professor Tate’s decks with David Bollt, a talented visionary artist in love with playing cards who has already become a great friend. The project was a huge success with over 5,000 decks printed. As soon as the campaign was fulfilled, we started working on an exciting new adventure and I am honored to present its release today: ETHEREAL DREAMS.

Ethereal Dreams is a different campaign, where art takes on a unique meaning through the symbology of poker and tarot cards. Thus, this project brings the tarot and its origin closer to all audiences, making its structure more understandable.



The illustrations are captivating, done by Digital Desires in a beautiful combination of feminine photography and natural elements. Each card is a canvas of dreamlike subtlety filled with vibrant energy.



For the campaign, David has created a complete 78-card tarot deck that includes the 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Each card is accompanied by information for interpretation and divination, being able to find, in addition to the different suits (the traditional ones of the French deck have been used), cards that represent the four seasons and the zodiacal signs. The imagination, in this way, takes center stage in the use of a tarot suitable for novices and insiders.



The illustrations of the minor arcana (with the exception of the page, exclusive to tarot) are adapted to the poker format to offer a unique and inspiring deck with which to delight any card game.



The project offers two editions of each deck: Limited and Luxury.



The tarot limited edition is designed for more regular use but without losing elegance and luxurious details, with an embossed and foiled tuck case with inner printing. Cards will be printed on high quality paper with a smooth finish.



The tarot luxury edition is a more exclusive object, housed in a fully decorated magnetic box with and cards are gold gilded.



The poker limited edition has also been carefully designed with a nice tuck case, embossed, foiled and printed inside. The cards will be printed on premium paper with a linen finish. The indices will have a different color for better interpretation.



The poker luxury edition is a true collector’s item, with a different tuck case, also embossed, foiled and printed inside, all housed in a special die cut foiled sleeve. The cards will also be gold gilded.



Furthermore, if you like what you see, all rewards include free digital art of this fantastic creation.



You can also get the printed art book and a fantastic uncut sheet as add-ons.



It is a unique campaign that you cannot miss. Visit the project website, raise your pledge and enjoy all the details of this impressive work.

Good luck!