New Collectable Playing Cards decks. Videotape these naked beauties that will melt your ice

Production by Collectable Playing Cards is so plentiful and fast that I could make a weekly newsletter only for their new decks. I’ll use this article to talk about their last three creations that combine different styles and themes.

While CPC have always worked with the USPCC to print their decks (most Bicycle branded) and have used Kickstarter for co-funding them, this time there is an interesting novelty I will explain you later.






This deck keeps the aesthetics and style of other decks produced before like the Starlight series  or the Elemental decks, so it has been probably designed by Juniardi Satyanagara.




The inspiration is taken this time from the ice and those cooler colors. Keeping the traditional court cards, suits and color schemes have been customized to give this deck a very cold look. The geometric structures of snowflakes stand out in the artwork.

Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded the project is already funded so the deck will be printed following the usual effectiveness of CPC in the production and distribution of their cards.

If you like it you can get it on the project website.








A deck for nostalgic that will look strange to the youngest people. VHS is a vintage-touch deck that is inspired by the classic video storage where everything recalls those old tapes.




Produced by CPC and Classics Playing Cards, artist Juniardi Satyanagara have chosen an eighties design, with very basic colors and a retro look using chalk scribbles on a black background. The court cards are traditional but fully customized and the back is an image of a very realistic video tape. A curious add-on is offered during the campaign: a display case for the deck with the shape and appearance of a video player/recorder.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC.

Your nostalgia will feel better if you visit the project website and raise your pledge.








Suggestive, sexy and yet elegant. STRIPTEASE is the most torrid creation by CPC. Fully hand illustrated by Alan Vandell, court cards show beautiful girls in erotically charged poses that will not leave indifferent to any spectator.

Highest quality illustrations accompanied by fully customized suits inspired by evocative pieces of lingerie worn by the most erotic parts of the female body.

Due to policies of companies like USPCC or Kickstarter (that do not hesitate to create or promote decks with guns but tremble at the possibility of showing beautiful naked breasts), CPC has been forced to promote this deck in Indiegogo and print it with Expert Playing Cards. This will undoubtedly be a new and exciting experience for the company itself and its followers.

The tuck case is elegant and, besides of the embossing, it will use a new material not seen before with golden glitter… Definitely something very special.

If you like it, you can get yours in the project website.



Good luck!

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