Malam Playing Cards. Native American loved play games too


The great magician Michael “Six” Muldoon (System 6 Magic), creator of Believe Playing Cards, strikes back with a new deck of cards: MALAM.

Malam deck gets it name from the Malamtepupi, the area where the Native American people used to play their games. And it is this Native American culture which inspire this playing cards design.



Everything in the deck has been customized to fit in the Native American theme, including (feather) pips, court cards, and detailed aces and back designs. The result is simply stunning.

There will be two editions of this deck: the Standard Edition, mainly thought for magicians and players, with standard pips but all the rest customized elements and a nice box with gold foil and embossing, and the Deluxe Edition, with all the customized cards (including the numbered ones) and a special custom seal.

It is a nice deck you can’t miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!