1876, Mauger Quadruplicate. A big improvement step on playing card restoration


After the master piece of restoration, Triplicate, Michael Scott faces a new challenge and creates Mauger Quadruplicate Playing Cards.



The design is based on the deck created by Victor E. Mauger in 1876 to commemorate the world’s fair in Philadelphia and the US declaration of Independence. This deck was something new and original because pips and numbers were quadruplicated (one on each corner) and each suit had its own color (Black Spades, Red Hearts, Yellow Diamonds and Blue Clubs).



There will be FIVE editions of this deck.

  • USPCC Standard (Blue Back). Linoid finish and custom replica stamp seal (sticker). Printed by the USPCC in poker size.

  • USPCC Limited (1,000 units) (Blue Back). Navy Tuck with a hot stamp foil star, a reprint of a sketch from the fair inside the tuck and a replica paper stamp seal. Printed by the USPCC in poker size.

  • Mauger Replica (Red Back). Printed in the actual size of original deck 90mm x 62mm. 2 piece heavy cloth red cardboard box with a hot stamp foil gold star. Linoid finish and paper stamp seal.

  • Mauger Limited (1,000 units) (Red Back). Same features as Mauger replica plus gold gilt edges and a stainless metal numbered Ace of Spades certificate of authenticity.

  • Mauger Original Release Limited (500 units) (Red Back). Same features as Mauger limited plus wrapped in Ace of spades wrapper and sealed with 2 paper stamp seals. This deck has also the missed 5 of Clubs like the original factory deck. (5 of clubs will be packaged outside the deck in a plastic card bag with the metal certificate).



This is a big project with a fantastic offer of decks that will delight collectors and playing card fans all over the world. Find the details in the  project website and raise your pledge for this epic campaign.

Good luck!