JELLYFISH Playing Cards. If you meet it in the sea, just play or do magic

They have lived with us for 500 million years. With a large gelatinous hat and stinging tentacles, jellyfishes are beautiful and dangerous creatures that any swimmer is afraid to find in the sea. Inspired by this interesting animal, Penguin Magic offers us their latest direct release: JELLYFISH.

As in many of Penguin’s productions, these cards try, from a lighthearted and colorful perspective, to unite card design with magic. Thus, the themed reinterpretation of the traditional faces, based on the oceanic world, coexists with the playability and identification of each card, where the blue color stands out among the others.

The court cards turn royalty into fantastic sea creatures out of a fairy tale where swords and flowers become tridents and seashells.



The numbered cards combine standard with other custom pips distributed symmetrically.



The jokers look identical but hide a magical revelation.



The back shows two large jellyfish in a symmetrical composition.



The design of the tuck case uses a dark combination of colors in black, white and blue with several jellyfish dancing in the deepest sea. The tuck is closed with a custom seal.



A limited print-run of 2500 decks has been printed by the USPCC on its classic stock and Magic finish using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC certified paper sourced from sustainable forests. The deck also includes 2 gaffed cards for magical effects.

The deck is available in Penguin Magic. Take advantage because it has a 25% discount on the official price for only 3 days. In addition, you can get more items from their stock as they offer free shipping for certain purchase amounts.

Good luck!