Regal Playing Cards. Classic and sophisticated


The new project by PlayingCardsDotNet (Gambler’s Warehouse ) is REGAL.

This is a set of FOUR decks with different color combinations and one creator: John Powell, the man behind huge successful decks like Double Black or Occults. John took the classic standard courts and reinterpreted them with his own elegant and lavish style.

This decks have been designed with everyone in mind, from collectors to players. It is perfect for cardistry and manipulation and for the finest magic routines.

Four different and bold colors will allow color changes and also fantastic visual effects. These colors will be red, blue, green and purple.

The decks will be printed by The Expert Playing Cards Co. in tuck boxes that will be foiled and embossed if the fund raises enough. Even a limited edition with gilded edges has been planned as a stretch goal.

Enjoy hi-resolution images in this article. If you like the decks, visit the REGAL project website, choose one, two or all the colors and raise your pledge.

Good luck!