STORIES Playing Cards. The true duality of fairy tales

Continuing with the Artists Series to produce cool decks in collaboration with different talented creators, David Goldklang (Vanda Cards) launched a couple months ago another successful project: STORIES.

Illustrated by the Serbian Srdjan Vidakovic (Widakk), already a regular designer of Vanda decks, these cards explore the duality of those who inhabit the most traditional fairy tales. The original vision of the artist strips the soul of the characters that decorate the court cards with quotes that demonstrate that curious dichotomy sometimes invisible due to the children’s optimism of the stories. Thus, just by turning the card over, we can better understand the story behind each character.



Four different volumes (editions) have been created with some subtle variations. All tuck cases will have a luxurious appearance thanks to the color stock, the foil and the embossing. They will also carry a numbered seal. Volumes I-III, printed by the USPCC, will use metallic inks while volume IV will have foil on cards. Cartamundi will also print a jumbo size edition (volume V) with foiled cards.



Everything in these decks has a classic touch, with engraving style illustrations and an austere but effective application of color. The backs are elegant and elaborate, with a geometric design full of organic shapes.



Although all editions share the designs and only offer color variations on the back and tuck case, the red edition (volume I) will have completely monochromatic designs in the court.



In addition, each deck will include a special card with the origin of the suit and another that will form a tetraptych mural.



The rest of the cards in the decks have been customized with an elegant style and elements that frame the indexes and the whole card design.



The volumes I-IV placed together look like a collection of small books thanks to the spine-like side.



A limited and numbered edition of 255 boxes has been created to house the entire collection and every deck will be sealed and numbered with a ribbon-shaped metallic seal.



In addition, display decks have been printed to enjoy the designs without opening the limited ones.



If you missed the campaign, now you have the opportunity to get the decks with a cool discount in pre-order. You can visit the project website and request your rewards to receive them as soon as they are printed.

Good luck!