Play Fair Playing Cards. Simple design for an elegant manipulation



Kei Izumi is a Japan-based photographer and also a professional magician. He recently launched a new project called Play Fair.



While collectors are always looking for intricate designs with cool illustrations, magicians and flourishers are specially interested on simplicity in design. That’s the case of Kei. After using many different designs, he wanted something simpler, so he decided to design his own deck of cards. This is the very first playing cards project created in KS by a Japanese.



Play Fair is just what you see, a red back with a white thin border and the text “Play Fair” symmetrically written using an elegant font. The faces are standard excepting a subtle dark green instead of the black in some color combinations.



Minimalist jokers and ace of spades complete this set of cards that has had a fantastic reception from the card fans. He has also designed two nice and elegant wooden cases.



If you like the design, visit the project website and raise your pledge. The deck will be printed and shipped from Taiwan so all the pledge levels include the international shipping.

Good luck!