ARABIAN NIGHTS Playing Cards. A charming deck that tells a thousand and one tales

Once upon a time, on a moonlit night, in a land where myths and legends danced beneath starry skies, a group of creators, deeply passionate about classic literature and the art of storytelling, embarked on a magical adventure: ARABIAN NIGHTS.

FC Designs, a team of talented Spanish illustrators, has previously enchanted us with projects like Eve: The Untold Story and Ghost Stories. Now, they are poised to transform a simple deck of cards into a captivating book of tales, inspired by the legendary stories of One Thousand and One Nights.

The court cards come to life with dreamlike characters, each expertly illustrated with a distinctive and unmistakable comic-inspired style. Every character possesses its own unique identity and personality, beautifully woven into the mesmerizing stories they tell.



But the real enchantment lies in the numbered cards, each a treasure in its own right. Every suit unveils an exciting and fantastical story, an abridged version of the most beloved tales from One Thousand and One Nights. From the Ace, adorned with its title, to the 10, the magic of these narratives unfolds.



The creators have crafted three different editions of the deck, each possessing its own allure. The Samarkand edition boasts original asymmetrical designs, offering a delightful visual feast.



The Baghdad edition, on the other hand, embraces a traditional symmetrical scheme for the court cards.



And lastly, the Istanbul edition brings us closer to the authentic drawings, with black and white designs, larger Aces, and numbered cards without text.



The tuck boxes of these three editions are truly works of art, adorned with variations in color, intricate details, and a touch of embossing and foiled details.



The symmetrical card back, lavishly decorated with arabesque motifs, will be the same in the three editions, a unique feature that allows for the seamless blending of cards from any deck, creating a myriad of unforgettable combinations.



To add an extra touch of wonder, the Joker takes on the form of a genie, draped in the garb of a playful harlequin, ready to infuse games with an extra dose of magic.



The decks will be skillfully printed by GH in China, and apart from these marvelous cards, you can also unlock additional rewards such as art books, figure holders, posters, and even a few remaining sets of their previous decks.

Do not miss this enchanting opportunity to partake in this exquisite campaign, funded in the few first days. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!