Golden Age Playing Cards. A fantasy world with amazing illustrations

Playing cards design has allowed talented artists to find new forms of expression. One of the best artists I have had the opportunity to meet is the Ukrainian Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) who, although he has not yet had much luck in his foray into the playing cards world, still has much to say and to offer because his illustrations are extremely beautiful and full of quality and realism. Now, he has just released his latest proposal: GOLDEN AGE.



Taking inspiration from Neil Gainman’s fantastic novel “Stardust” and its adaptation in Matthew Vaughn’s film, Sviatoslav has created a fantasy world in which court characters portray themselves as powerful kings, queens and knights. With incredibly detailed illustrations in a hyperrealistic style, the ornamentation is extreme. Aces, jokers, numbered cards … all are surrounded by luxury and golden decorative elements.



The tuck case can not be less and it is like a work of goldsmithing. Full of details and symbology presents a profuse exterior decoration in gold on black and an interesting inner printing with a map of the four kingdoms islands.



This is undoubtedly a unique deck for its style and illustration, which will be printed by NPCC. As stretch goal a second deck, the Winter edition, will be produced with the tuck case and back in in gold on white.



In addition, with funding enough, the tuck will be embossed and gold foiled, something that, given the designs and the great quality of NPCC’s cases, will turn out something shocking.

If you like, just visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!